Fun Day Schedule

Victor Valley Christian Preschool

2015-2016 Schedule of Fun Days

Keep all dress ups decent and presentable. We encourage the children to participate. The day is always more fun when everyone participates! Use your imagination! Let’s have fun!

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September 16, Wednesday, Grown Up Day

Wear the clothing of a grown up. Dress like mom or dad. Or dress as the grown up you hope to be….doctor, nurse, fireman, policeman, farmer, etc.

October 22, Thursday: Funny Hat Day

Wear a silly looking hat. Maybe make one up out of household items. Have fun with this!

November 20, Friday: Indian/Pilgrim Costume Day

The children should be making costumes of some sort in the classroom, but outside costumes are also encouraged. Dress like Squanto, Pocahontas, John Smith, Miles Standish, William Bradford, Priscilla or John Alden.

December 17, Thursday: Christmas Extravaganza

Wear Christmas colors (red, green & white), cold weather clothing (snow boots, gloves, sweatshirts, etc.), or Christmas-y type clothing. What a jolly time of year!

January 26, Tuesday: Pajama Day

Wear your pajamas, robe, curlers in hair, bring a sleeping buddy etc. Girls be modest in your dress.

February 24, Wednesday: Clown Day

Dress like a funny clown. Clown hair, clown face make-up, clown clothing etc. Be funny!

March 10, Thursday: Cartoon Day

Dress like your favorite cartoon character. Wear a t-shirt or the whole outfit!

April 13, Wednesday: Western Day

Wear western clothing. Hats, jeans, denim skirts, chaps, boots, Indian outfits, headbands, etc. No guns are allowed on this day.

May 24, Tuesday: Mixed Up/Silly Day

Wear crazy looking clothing that doesn’t match, inside out, too big, shoes on wrong feet, crazy hairdo, etc.

June 28, Tuesday: Sports Day

Wear sports clothing. Shirt with logos, team uniforms, hats, etc. You could even dress like a cheerleader! Support your team!

July 1, Friday: Patriotic Days

Wear red, white & blue or wear military clothing, hats uniforms, etc.   Guns are not allowed on this day.

July 19, Tuesday: Disney Day

Wear Disney clothing: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Woody or a princess, etc. Wear a t-shirt or the whole costume.

August 10, Wednesday: Hawaiian Day

Wear beach clothes. Hawaiian shirts, shorts, beach hats, muu muus, etc. No swim suits, sandals or flip flops. Aloha!

August 31, Wednesday: “Your Choice” Dress Up Day

You may choose a favorite costume/outfit from this list or just dress up in something fun!

Let’s be creative and enjoy our last day of summer!