Dress Code

All uniform items are to be one solid color, free of writing and logos


  • Polo shirts are to be worn within the following requirements:
    1) Traditional style, of one solid color, free of brand tagging or logos
    2) Must be UNISEX style (Both boys and girls would wear it) for 7th through 12th grade
    3) Students can choose to wear any plain, solid-color turtleneck shirt
    4) Necklines must never be revealing
    6) Any shirt worn under a school approved garment MUST NOT be visible below the waist line and must be solid black or white in color (No long underwear style shirts)


  • Pants, short, skirts, and jumpers are to be worn within the following requirements:
    1) Uniform style (no cargo pockets, flaps over pockets, etc.) in black, navy, gray or khaki/tan (No denim material)
    2) Pants need to fit properly. NO TIGHT OR FORM FITTING PANTS. NO SAGGING
    3) Pants may not be rolled up nor have an elastic bottom hem
    4) Boxers, briefs or panties may not show at any time
    5) Skirts, jumpers, and shorts may not be more than four inches above the top of the knee
    6) Solid color shorts must be worn underneath skirts, dresses, or jumpers.
    7) Seniors may wear sweatshirts from the college they have been accepted to (A letter of acceptance must be on file) 


  • Coats, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and sweatshirts are to be worn within the following guidelines:
    1) Only solid-colored or school approved garments may be worn inside the classroom
    2) Out of class outerwear should be free of excessive embellishments, writing or pictures (Logos or images should be no larger than 4 inches by 4 inches)

Click here to download the School Dress Code.